Promoting Cultural Heritage

Our organization aims to connect the diaspora to their cultural heritage and promote the expression of their cultural identity through a wide range of activities.

Learn to Code

We offer free training courses in computing and programming to children and adults in the Middle East. We do this to enable them to solve problems that matter to them.

Economic Empowerment

Our program gives the most vulnerable people the tools to enhance economic empowerment and self-sufficiency through applying their programming skills.

The Program

We believe that individuals can reach their true potential through
the power of computing. Corduene therefore seeks to teach computer literacy to people in the Middle East. 

Our program gives people an understanding of the basics of coding and stimulates their interest in programming. This provides them invaluable skills in today’s society and opportunities to generate their own income. 



Coding Academy

We organize several twelve-week teaching and mentoring
programs for children, at least half of whom will be girls.
After completing the training, they will know the basics of coding,
have the knowledge to build a website, and understand how to
program a Raspberry Pi into multiple elements, such as a
Raspberry Pi-powered laptop, router or media center.

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